Important Update

Distribution of settlement benefits commenced on February 28, 2020. Please note that payments will be issued in batches, and if you have not yet received a check it may be awaiting issue. We appreciate your patience.

If you received an email requesting your tax information but have not already provided this to the Administrator, we would recommend that you submit your completed tax forms to the Administrator in order ensure that any applicable taxes are properly calculated. The extended deadline for submission of tax forms is March 20, 2020. Completed forms can be submitted to the Administrator by email as a PDF attachment to info@aupairclassaction.com. For more information about why the forms are being requested and what is required, please visit the Providing Your Tax Information page.


  • The settlement resolves a lawsuit au pairs filed against U.S. State Department designated sponsors of the J-1 au pair program (the “Defendants”), alleging various claims against those Defendants arising from the weekly stipend hosting families pay to au pairs. The Court has not ruled that the Defendants did anything wrong or violated any laws.
  • The settlement creates a $65,500,000 fund to pay individual claims from au pairs, expenses incurred in advancing this lawsuit, and the court-appointed lawyers for the au pairs (“Class Counsel”).
  • The settlement also requires that, going forward, the Defendants will clarify in a notice to au pairs and host families that the weekly au pair stipend is a minimum payment requirement.
  • The court-appointed lawyers for the au pairs, who have handled all aspects of this case and have not been paid for their work, will ask the Court for 35% of the settlement for their fees and also for payment of litigation expenses.
  • The Court still has to decide whether to approve the settlement. Payments will be made if the Court approves the settlement and after any appeals are resolved.
  • Your rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in the Notice of Proposed Settlement. Please read the Notice carefully.


Click here to read or download the Notice of Proposed Settlement.

Click here to read or download key documents relating to the settlement and the class.


Your rights and options are explained in the Notice of Proposed Settlement. If you wished to submit a claim, be excluded from all or part of the settlement, or object to the settlement, you were required to act before May 2, 2019.

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Write to the Court about why you do not agree with the settlement.

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