If you submitted a valid and timely claim to participate in the Class Action and/or submitted an approved Consent to Join Form for the Collective Action, the Administrator has now issued a settlement benefit to you.  This page provides answers to common questions about settlement awards.

Was I eligible to receive a settlement benefit?

If you submitted a Claim Form for the Class Action that was determined to be timely and valid, or if you had previously submitted a Consent to Join Form for the Collective Action, you were eligible to receive a settlement benefit. If you did not submit a Claim Form or a Consent to Join Form, or if you submitted a Claim Form after the Court-approved deadline, you are not eligible to receive a settlement benefit.

Where did you send the check?

Settlement benefits were issued to the address on record. If you submitted tax forms and provided a mailing address on that form, the Administrator updated your address based on that information. Otherwise, if you had not already notified the Administrator of a change of address, the address used would be the address provided on your Claim Form or Consent to Join Form.

Are you able to provide a tracking number?

Settlement checks are sent first-class mail using a privacy-tint envelope. There is no tracking available.

What if I haven't received a check yet?

The settlement distribution commenced on February 28, 2020, and was completed on April 27, 2020. Checks were issued in batches depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to when/whether tax forms were provided, the type of tax treatment that was required, and whether a class member participated in the Class Action, the Collective Action, or both. Please note that mail can take some time to arrive, especially if it is sent outside the United States. If you have not received your settlement check by the end of May 2020, you can email the Administrator at at that time to request a reissue. You will need to provide your current address, and if your address has changed, also confirm your prior address for verification purposes.

How did you calculate my payment?

Settlement benefits were calculated in accordance with the Plan of Allocation, which is available for download from the Key Documents page.

Why did you deduct a portion of my payment?

The Administrator is required by law to deduct an amount from Class Action payments representing any taxes that are applicable to settlement benefits. If taxes were deducted from your payment, or if your payment is subject to tax reporting, you were also sent a W-2 and/or 1099 form identifying the amounts paid and/or deducted. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to recoup some or all of the amount paid by filing a tax return for 2020, even if you are a non-resident. Please note, however, that the Administrator is unable to provide tax advice and is not permitted to assist with filing taxes.

Why did I only receive $100?

In order to receive a payment as a claimant in the Class Action, you were required to submit a timely and valid Claim Form, even if you had previously submitted a Consent to Join Form for the Collective Action. If you submitted a Consent to Join Form did not submit a Claim Form, in accordance with the Plan of Allocation, you were entitled to receive a $100 participation award as a participant in the Collective Action.

Can I have my check sent to a friend/relative?

If you would like your settlement benefit reissued to a different address, you can request this by emailing with your current address and the new address you would like it sent to. Please note, however, that because settlement benefits are subject to tax reporting, we are not able to reissue the check in a different name.

I am unable to cash my check in my home country.

Settlement checks can only be issued in US dollars, and at this time the Administrator is unable to issue payments by other means such as wire transfer or TransferWise. However, if you are unable to negotiate the check that was issued to you either directly with your account provider or via a check cashing facility, you can email to request that the Administrator notify you if alternative payment methods become available.

Can I still submit a Claim Form?

In its Order Granting Final Approval of Class and Collective Action Settlement, the Court directed the Administrator to honor Claim Forms actually received prior to May 16, 2019. As this deadline has passed, we are unable to accept or consider any claim submissions received after that date.

I never received the settlement notice.

Notice was issued to the Class in accordance with the requirements of the Settlement Agreement. In its Order Granting Final Approval of Class and Collective Action Settlement the Court stated that "The Settlement Notice, and the distribution thereof, satisfied the requirements of due process under the Constitution and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(e), that it was the best practicable under the circumstances, and that it constitutes due and sufficient notice to all persons entitled to notice of class action settlement."